Private Practice Income Protection (PPIP)

Private Practice Income Protection insurance is a cost-effective way to transfer the financial risk your practice faces in covering the cost of key staff absence due to:

  • Illness.
  • Accidental Injury.
  • Suspension from Duty.
  • Jury Service leave.
  • Compassionate leave.
  • Delayed Return from Abroad.
  • Paternity leave.
  • Maternity leave.

While we recommend paying an appropriate premium and getting the cover you need, we do not advocate paying for cover that you do not need, this is why our Locum Insurance can be tailored to suit all specialisms and requirements.

Benefits of PPIP Insurance:

  1.  Full Stress/Anxiety/Depression cover.
  2.  Cover Assurance, meaning the insurer cannot cancel, restrict or reduce cover due to a variation in health of an insured person or any claims you have made.
  3.  No exclusions for Winter Sports or Hazardous Pursuits.
  4.  Phased Return to Work covered.
  5.  Pregnancy-related Illnesses covered.
  6.  Worldwide cover, 24 hours a day.

Private Practice Income Protection Insurance tailored to your needs at a competitive premium.