Locum Insurance

Locum Insurance has become an essential cover for protecting practices against the spiralling cost of GP sickness absence. The cover we offer is award-winning and offers market-leading protection for your practice.

We specialise in arranging Locum Insurance cover for GP practices to give you quick and easy access to a range of essential covers:

  • Full Stress/Anxiety/Depression cover.
  • No exclusions for Winter Sports or Hazardous Pursuits.
  • Excess Period options of between 1 and 26 weeks.
  • Option to Guarantee Terms of Cover and Premiums for up to 3 years (subject to additional charge).
  • Phased Return to Work covered.
  • Pregnancy-related Illnesses covered.
  • Worldwide cover, 24 hours a day.
  • Benefit based cover - pays your claims without having to prove you have incurred costs.

Locum Insurance tailored to your needs including cover for GMS Practice's entitlement to Sickness Reimbursement from NHSE.