GP Federation & Provider Company Insurance

Primary care providers across the UK are recognising the need to work together to address the challenges facing GP practices, in particular to develop scalable organisations that can respond to the challenge of delivering primary care at scale to an increasingly larger and more diverse population.

GP federations are becoming more prominent each year, with the role federations play in delivering services in a cost-efficient manner ever more prominent.

It is important to closely consider the exposures a Federation or Provider Company faces, as relying solely on individual clinician's indemnity arrangements has the potential to be a vast oversight that could cost the provider company dearly.

Protecting the Federation or Provider Company - Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice exposure remains the most prominent area that Provider Companies and Federations overlook.

Under many arrangements care of patients is shared between several clinicians and where a clinician's Medical Defence Union will not indemnify, the company itself can be held vicariously liable.

The traditional indemnity model where each GP holds their own indemnity coverage and the proverbial 'buck' stopping with them is becoming outdated and many organisations are opting for group coverage that picks up any potential gaps in coverage.

Entity coverage arrangements remove the uncertainty associated with 'discretionary indemnity' and replaces it with insurance-backed, FCA regulated protection. The cost savings available to members of the Federation or Provider Company are considerable when compared to the alternative of many stand-alone individual policyholders.

Solutions for your Member Practices

All of the products we offer to practices are available at discounted rates to GP federations. We work with a host of federations across the UK where we have delivered real cost savings for the federated group of practices.

GP Federation Insurance tailored to your needs at a competitive premium.