Top-Up Locum Insurance

From the 1st April 2017 GMS Contract changes now entitle GP practices to a Sickness Reimbursement payment for GPs. However, the NHSE Reimbursement is not 'full-service' and practices should still consider the detail of the Reimbursement:

  1. We would refer you to point 16.4 in the 2013 SFE, which still applies to the current amendment and states;
    "it is for the board to determine whether or not it was in fact necessary for the contractor to engage the locum, or continue to engage the locum"
  2. The practice must produce evidence of costs incurred (locum cover, or part-time internal cover) in order to qualify for the Sickness Reimbursement. Any sessions you cannot fill with a locum or another partner/salaried GP you will receive no reimbursement for.
  3. The maximum amount you can claim is:
    Weeks 2-26 of absence - Costs of up to a maximum of £1,751.52 per week.
    Consider that average locum costs are in excess of £300 per session, or £2,700 per week for a full-time GP.

    Weeks 26-52 of absence - A maximum of 50% of the amount claimed during the first 26 weeks, capped at £875.67 per week.
    Consider that if the practice can no longer cover 'in house' for a sick GP and has to bring in expensive locums, you can only claim at half the rate you claimed at previously for weeks 26 to 52.
  4. Cover can only be provided by doctors already at your practice if they are not already working full-time and they were already working at the practice when the GP went off sick.
  5. Reimbursement covers core hours only.
  6. A 2 week 'waiting period' applies to each period of sickness leave before you can claim Reimbursement. If a doctor returns to work and goes off again, you have to wait 2 weeks each time before you can claim reimbursement.
  7. Aggregation means the above periods (weeks 2-26 and weeks 27-52) are reduced if the practice has claimed for the doctor in the preceding 52 weeks. This means the viability of the Reimbursement as a solution to recurring medical issues is questionable at best.
  8. No information has been provided by NHSE as to the maximum budget that supports this initiative.
  9. NHSE has not guaranteed the reimbursement will be in place for any minimum term beyond the 2017/18 SFE amendments.

Top-Up Locum Insurance to protect your practice where the NHSE Reimbursement scheme does not.

Benefits of a Top-Up Locum Insurance policy:

  • Any expenditure incurred due to Sickness Absence of any GPs and Employed Staff, including; Managers, ANPs, Nurses, HCAs, Clerical & Administration Staff.
  • Locum Costs incurred due to the unexpected death of a GP due to natural causes.
  • Accidental Death Capital Payments of £50,000 per person.
  • Expenditure due to Compassionate Leave.
  • Expenditure due to Jury Service absence.
  • Expenditure due to Suspension from Duty.
  • Expenditure due to Delayed Return from Abroad.

Locum Insurance tailored to your needs at a competitive premiums.